Universal Composite Submarine Camel

01-Universal-Composite-Submarine-Camel.jpgThe No Maintenance Solution

  • The Universal Composite Submarine Camel provides the critical performance advantages the US Navy needs for its waterfront infrastructure for all ship camel and submarine deep draft camel capabilities;
    • No submarine camel maintenance
    • Corrosion resistant to sea water and chemicals
    • Long life cycle reduces life cycle costs
    • Superior operational efficiency
  • The Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite structure makes the ship camel different. The camel is stronger, yet lighter weight than traditional materials.
  • The composite material that makes up the submarine camel is the ideal choice for corrosive environments.


  • Length: 36 feet, Height: 18 feet
  • 17 feet stand off depth
  • 70,000 pounds structural weight
  • Ballast of 35,000 pounds
  • Smooth interface with pier pilings
  • Reduce life cycle costs
  • No maintenance requirements

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