Acoustic Hailing Device

Acoustic Device by Hyperspike provides clear, long-range communication to determine intent and modify behavior. "Best in Class" acoustic and non-lethal riot control capability with patented technology that has been deployed worldwide in both police and combat operations.


Key Features:

  • Built-in alert tone enhances response capabilities
  • Exceptional clarity at range
  • Smallest enclosures on the market
  • Optimized for human voice communications
  • Many carbon fiber enclosures for strength and light weight
  • Low distortion ensures crystal-clear messages
  • Standardized mounting options for quick deployment
  • High MTBF with power amps running at half rating
  • ISO-9000 certified manufacturing facility

Hyperspike Acoustic Devices are a family of quality, scalable acoustic products that can achieve multiple missions based on the operational scenario. Featuring the HS-Micro, HS-14, HS-18, HS-18 Remote (HS-18 RAHD), HS-24, HS-40, MA-1 and Hypershield - the acoustic law enforcement riot shield used by police officers. Hyperspike acoustic hailing device products provide a formative solution to meet your requirements.

Why Purchase Hyperspike?

  • Operational Advantages - Crystal Clear Riot Control Communication
  • Acoustic Escalation of Force
  • Proven World Wide Deployments
  • Seamless Integration With Other Non-Lethal Capabilities
  • "Who's Who" Defense and Police Clients

High powered, focused acoustic beam is an effective non-lethal capability that can be integrated with other products on the same platform to perform escalation of force missions.